Tomatoes: Texas Tomato Crop Flourishes

Direct Jobber Troy Klump, the “Tomato King” of Castroville, Texas, grows these highly-productive, healthy tomato plants in his yard. Their prolific growth and the size of his tomatoes are the topic of discussion among his customers and helps grow his sales of AGGRAND natural liquid fertilizers, now certified organic.

AGGRAND Guide To Great Tomatoes

Soy Beans• Plant oats or rye for a cover crop.
• Mow and till the cover crop into the soil.
• Soak tomato plants overnight in a mixture of two ounces AGGRAND Natural Liquid 4-3-3 Fertilizer pergallon of water.
• Remove the bottom two leaves from the plant and bury it up to the place where the leaves were pulled off.
• Make a round mound of dirt around each plant to direct AGGRAND fertilizer and water directly to the plant.
• Use strong wire cages to support the plants.
• Apply a mixture of three ounces of 4-3-3 to a
gallon of water on each plant twice a month.
• When small tomatoes appear, encourage production
of larger tomatoes by removing some from
the plants.
• Apply a mixture of three ounces of AGGRAND
0-12-0 Liquid Bonemeal to one gallon of water
every two weeks.
• When plants are about 2-feet high, foliar feed
them twice a month until all the leaves are wet.