Lawns: No Substitute for AGGRAND Experience

Gerry Reid got involved with AGGRAND almost from day one, and he hasn’t looked back. He read about it, studied it and even went to organic gardening seminars. He learned the products and used them for his lawns and gardens and was impressed from the start.

“Natural fertilizer is going to replace chemical fertilizer,” said Reid. “It’s the only route we can go for a better environment.”

A West Virginia cattle farmer who kept detailed documentation of his business told Reid about the first time he used AGGRAND 4-3-3 on his cattle fields. He purchased new spraying equipment and a season-worth of Natural Fertilizer 4-3-3 and Liquid Lime at half what it used to cost him for chemical fertilizers. At the end of the season, he bailed 40 percent more hay than he had ever bailed in his fields before. His cattle used to consume 50 magnesium blocks a year, but he was able to reduce that to 12 because the cattle were better fed in his field. A pasture became ready to graze after 30 days instead of 90.

Reid also worked with a Washington, D.C. gardener who conducted an experiment with three tomato plants. One received no fertilizer, one got Miracle Gro and one was given AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer. The plant that received no fertilizer was 3 feet tall. The plant that got Miracle Gro was a little taller. The plant that received AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer was over 4 feet tall. The plant was full of leaves and fruit production was greatly increased.

Lawn: Before and After“I’ve used it on all my lawns,” said Reid. “The soil here is like concrete in summer. By the middle of summer, we used to have no lawn, only weeds. Thanks to AGGRAND, we have a really healthy lawn and grass grows when it never used to.”

A contractor landscaping the medians on highways called Reid to try some AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer. Even after several days of heavy rains, the AGGRAND produced results the contractor had never seen before. He called Reid again to order AGGRAND Liquid Lime and reported that the grass in the median came in sooner than expected and looked amazing. He said he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Reid knows that AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer can be an important part of any AMSOIL business. “When I sign someone up as an AMSOIL Dealer, I automatically send them extra AGGRAND literature,” said Reid. “I display my AGGRAND product right alongside my AMSOIL product in the garage. I see them as two different sides of the same high-quality coin. AMSOIL is about synthetics and AGGRAND is about organics, but they both do very good things for the environment. If you tie the two together correctly, customers will understand why it makes sense to sell both products.”