Rancher Sees 58 Percent Increase in Hay Yield with AGGRAND Fertilizer

Cattle ranchers in Texas are at the mercy of the weather when it comes to raising hay for their herds. High temperatures and seasons of drought take their toll on hay crops needed to feed the cattle.

AGGRAND Dealer Roy Cusack of Cuero, Texas gets his edge using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer. “This AGGRAND fertilizer really works,” Cusack said. He has been diligently applying AGGRAND Natural 4-3-3 to his fi elds for the past fi ve years.

Cusack has been in the cattle business around Cuero for 10 years. “Right now I have about 1,800 acres, plus some lease land, and run more than 200 mother cows who like to eat year ’round since they are expected to have calves every year so I can make money.

“Anyone in the ranching business knows you need hay if you keep your cows during the winter and that usually means growing, cutting and bailing all the hay you can when the weather cooperates.”

One of his best pastures of Jigs Bermuda hay is a 36-acre patch that typically produces 88 big round bales.

“This year this same pasture, even with the dry conditions in our area, yielded 139 big round bales for an increase of 58 percent more hay. This happened because we were using the natural AGGRAND fertilizer 4-3-3.” Cusack said he applied the fertilizer after the Rancher Sees 58 Percent Increase in Hay Yield With AGGRAND Fertilizer last cutting at a rate of two gallons of AGGRAND mixed in about 25 gallons of water per acre.

Roy Cusack


"This year this pasture yielded 139 big
round bales or an increase of 58 percent
more hay using the natural AGGRAND
Fertilizer 4-3-3.”
– Dealer Roy Cusack

“Not only does AGGRAND produce more hay, which is worth a lot of money to me, but it also increases the root development of my grass, improves the nutritional value of this crop, helps to resist the drought that was an issue this year, and builds up the soil quality by increasing the microbial activity and more earthworms in the soil,” Cusack said.

“The cost of using AGGRAND is about one third or less of using conventional fertilizers. Any smart farm and ranch operator who wants to be profi table and increase his grass, hay or other crop yield, plus produce a more valuable crop, and take better care of his land, should be using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer.”

Cusack’s experience makes him a natural salesman for AGGRAND fertilizers.

“There are a lot of cattle operations in Texas and I plan to spread the word about how good AGGRAND is for hay production,” he said. “Anyone interested in saving money, while growing more hay, can get the facts from me. I am glad to help any rancher get started using AGGRAND.”


Hay: AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizers Keep Hay Fields Producing

When Jeff and Lynn Tuttle started growing hay on an abandoned hog farm in Oklahoma in 2006, they didn’t expect to weather their first season as farmers without rain.

“There has been a major drought the last two summers,” Tuttle said. “It rivaled the dust bowl era in Oklahoma. Thanks to AGGRAND liquid fertilizer, the root system on our pastures was able to endure. Many local pastures were badly damaged, or reduced to sand lots.”

Despite the conditions, Tuttle had a satisfactory hay yield last year and expects even greater production in the 2007 growing season.

Tuttle credits AGGRAND Liquid 4-3-3 and Liquid Lime for his success.

“The root system is healthier and more drought resistant,” he said. “That’s the real benefit of AGGRAND. It’s like putting money in the bank.”

Using AGGRAND organic liquid fertilizers for his crop, Tuttle has improved the pH balance critical for root growth.

“It’s like turning the switch when you get the proper pH,” Tuttle said. ”AGGRAND organic fertilizer is a longterm investment in your crops and hay fields. It is easy to apply and will not burn grass or pollute ground water. It promotes root growth by revitalizing the soil, and increases production and drought resistance.”

Besides using a good organic fertilizer, such as AGGRAND, patience is vital, Tuttle said.

The farm, on the outskirts of Spiro, Okla., is located in “real country,” Tuttle said. People there long have done things a certain way, using chemical fertilizers and chicken manure. “The crops and pastures become more dependent on rain as the soil is stripped of its nutrients,” he said.

Using organic fertilizers that replace nutrients in the soil and strengthen the root system of the crop may initially seem to take longer, he said, but actually is an investment in the land.

When Tuttle first began to farm the fields, he had to spray them with an “environmentally friendly” herbicide to knock out the weeds that had overgrown the good Bermuda grass.

Then he applied AGGRAND 4-3-3 and AGGRAND Liquid Lime together to bring up the pH balance of the soil.

“The weeds started dropping, and the grass was growing strong,” Tuttle said. “The first cut yielded ninety-seven, 1000-pound round bales of hay. This was about twice the yield of other area farms.”

The fields underwent a second cut last summer. Rather than following the habit of the local farmers of cutting down to the soil, Tuttle left about 4 inches of grass on the fields and put down another round of the AGGRAND fertilizers.

He has not had to re-seed the land and the weeds have not returned.”

The 2007 season is underway and Tuttle has once again fertilized with the AGGRAND fertilizers.

Water isn’t a problem this year, he said.

“It has been a wet winter and the land is saturated, the ponds are full.”

He expects an early cut at the end of May this year. In fact, he’s predicting a third cut for the season.

“I think the AGGRAND is really going to take off and show this year and going into next year,” he said. “It’s a matter of being patient. Because of what we’ve done, I’m anticipating about a 50 percent increase in production.”

He also expects it won’t be long before others in the community are looking to buy AGGRAND products.

“The healthy grass growing on our property has not grown unnoticed,” Tuttle said. “This is a close community, and people share information to help each other out. Our pastures are going to be a showcase. People talk and people look. People are watching.”

We are looking forward to a bright green future with Aggrand.