Flower Gardens: AGGRAND Produces 'Living' Gift

AMSOIL/AGGRAND Dealer Kim Krueger-Messer wanted to give her mother a special, “living” Mother’s Day gift last summer. Krueger-Messer of Lake City, Minn. enlisted her two sons to help landscape and plant flower gardens for her mother. It was a daunting job since the yard had been treated with chemicals for 30 years, she said.

Flower Garden

Dealer Kim Krueger-Messer applied AGGRAND Liquid Lime and AGGRAND Liquid Fertilizer 4-3-3 to grow this beautiful garden for her mother.


“We tried to dig up the sod with shovels,” Krueger- Messer said. “No luck, even though I thoroughly soaked the whole front yard the night before to make it easier to dig. We ended up renting a sod cutter.”

They started with plants that were bare root or from seed. “We added just enough compost to fill the voids where we dug up the sod and to fill in and cover the mounds made out of the dead sod,” Krueger-Messer said.

She first used Miracle Grow – known for staining users’ fingers when they mix it. “I got not much more than blue fingers,” she said.

Then, Krueger-Messer discovered AGGRAND products. “The fact that I didn’t have to mix anything or get blue fingers was a great bonus right off the top,” she said.

AGGRAND ResultsWithin three days she saw the AGGRAND working. “Everything was a beautiful deep green, half again as big as it was Saturday morning,” Krueger-Messer said. “Leaves were budding out on some plants and tons of blossoms on others.”

In its very first year, her mother’s new garden continued to produce beautiful flowers and plants throughout the growing season.